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Here are some of my original oil paintings I made in 2018. Some are sold but some are still available!

Farine Five Roses (Board 1)
Farine Five Roses (2nd panel)
Farine Five Roses (3rd panel)
Top of the morning!
Baby it's cold outside.
Happy Holidays!
Vintage Computer
3 coca-cola
Coca-Cola Carton
Skates and dress
Ketchup and tomatoes
Store bought strawberries
The Challenger!
Bluetiful in all her glory!
Strawberry Jam
Les Fraîches du Québec
Catherine's skates
Smiling machine
Skiny dipping
Cherries in a Ball Jar
Vintage Pepsi
Tomato Jam II
Back on your feet
Two Vintage Pepsi
Big Ball
A Ferrero Rocher Holliday!
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