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Jacinthe lives in a little town just outside Montreal, Canada.


She found her painting niche in 2017. She had been painting mostly portraits for years.


One day, she painted a 6 pack of Coca-Cola. She was overwhelmed by how well people responded to it, so she started painting more nostalgic objects. 

She realized that a vintage telephone could remind someone of a first love. Sitting by that phone waiting for him or her to call. 

A water gun can bring back memories of younger days, playing in the yard on a hot summer day.

It also calls to the younger generation; old stuff is so different! 

She also loves to paint food items. Food also makes people happy and her art is all about that. Making someone happy!  Sometimes with just a quirky title she gives her paintings.


She paints in oil, from pictures that she takes herself. She can spend many hours in looking through her camera.  It’s actually quite exhausting to try and make water droplets stay on a Perrier bottle or trying to make three donuts balance on top of each other.


When you see her paintings in real life, you realize that although they look like photos they are anything but! You can see brushstrokes and so much texture.  It’s hard not to touch them and “feel” the painting. 


She has sold her paintings internationally and has won many art contests. Her art has been published in magazines even making the cover! 

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