Here are some of my original oil paintings I made in 2019. Some are sold but some are still available!

Ketchup bottle

Gumball machine painting

my grandma's computer

Six pack of Coca-Cola

Text me!

Donut tower

Water gangsters

Built in sharpener

Vintage bunny in a bag

Campbell's Soup 2/2

machine à boules de gomme_

Wall phone

Water Gangsta


Dirty Ketchup

Ball Jar. The 2019 Harvest

Telephone closet

Pepsi May West... et plus!

Wake up! It's the 70s!

Vintage fan.

Telephone à Hugette

My father's skates

Red Sploush



Mustang for William

Vintage Coke Bottle

Thinking outside the box.

Dirty Smucker's Jar

The hot line


Vintage phone

Currently crushing it...

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