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Here are some of my original oil paintings I made in 2019. Some are sold but some are still available!

Ketchup bottle
Gumball machine
My grandma's computer
Six pack of Coca-Cola
Text me!
Donut tower
Water gangsters
Built in sharpener
Vintage bunny in a bag
Campbell's Soup 2/2
machine à boules de gomme_
Wall phone
Water Gangsta
Campbell's soup 1/2
Dirty Ketchup
Ball Jar. The 2019 Harvest
Telephone closet
Pepsi May West... et plus!
Wake up! It's the 70s!
Vintage fan.
Telephone à Hugette
My father's skates
Red Sploush
Mustang for William
Vintage Coke Bottle
Thinking outside the box.
Dirty Smucker's Jar
The hot line
Vintage phone
Currently crushing it...
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